Monday, July 9, 2012

Life is a Review

Rating: 3/5

Title: Life is a Review- Observations and Collections of My Passages through the Times

Author: Deborah L. Parker

Page Count: 108 pages

Official Amazon Summary:

Life Stages, Transitions, Lessons. From our first steps or words, to relationships, education and careers, there are assigned instructors who take note of our progress in these events. Yet eventually, there’s a time for us to personally examine what we’ve learned, and how we gained our perspectives. In Life is a Review, Parker does this type of reflection. Gleaning lessons from her varied life stages such as watching the careful way in which her grandfather grew collard greens in her youth, to the emotions of seeing a fellow soldier and friend off to war for the first time, Parker vividly brings readers to her experiences. Join her as she warps time through this compilation of articles, essays, blogs, poems, and speeches from the past 25 years. And in assessing her own journey, she shares, “like many of us, I’ve passed some exams and flunked others; educationally as well as experientially, as I also wondered and wandered. Then Parker looks at the final review of her loved ones, those who’ve passed in human finality, while leaving enduring teachings for her life’s purpose.

My Thoughts:

        To be honest I do not usually read memoirs that often, so when I was requested by the author to review Life is a Review, I was hesitant at first. However after thinking it over, I decided that it couldn't hurt to step outside of my literary comfort zone once in a while. I guess I sort of expected that all memoirs followed the cookie-cutter pattern of a first person narrative that smoothly, and chronologically followed the author's perception of their life. As I started reading Life is a Review I quickly realized this was not to be the case, just as the summary had said Life is a Review contained mostly "articles, essays, blogs, poems, and speeches" with the occasional interlude of first person narrated self reflection.

       Stepping outside the box is not necessarily a bad thing and in the case of Life is a Review, Parker's decision to deviate from the cookie cutter memoir added some very postive aspects to the story. I enjoyed reading many of the speeches, and life guidelines that were included in the collection, they were well written and I felt at times as if Parker herself was reading them to me. I must say however that I did find the continuity of the book wanting, I felt that the transitions between the different articles, blog posts, and speeches were a bit bumpy, which in my opinion made it harder to stay focused on the book's message. But despite this and the occasional spelling mistake, something nearly unavoidable when self-publishing, I thought it was presentable.

     Though I recieved the book for free in exchange for a review, I feel that I should note that in my opinion the kindle price of $6.99 for this book is too expensive, as I have noticed many ebooks of similar length sell for $0.99-$4.99. What do you (guys) think is the best price for an ebook around 100-110 pages in length?

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