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Interview with Jennifer Kitchens (Author of A Lady By Any Other Name)

Today I have the pleasure of sharing my interview with Jennifer Kitchens, author of A Lady By Any Other Name. I am currently quite swamped with reviews so I won’t be posting a review on this novel but I couldn’t resist sharing the interview with you. I always find it so interesting to hear about the different writing experiences of authors, how they come up with the ideas, what their favourite books are etc. So without any further ado, check out the interview below!

A Lady By Any Other Name

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a stay-at-home mom who loves everything to do with romance. Growing up in California I started my obsession with regency romances by borrowing books from my grandmother who adores them. I left home for college and found my own true love. We now have two wonderful little boys and I spend all my free time (which isn’t much) either reading or writing romance novels.

Why did you decide to become a writer?

To be honest, it was a suggestion by my husband. I would often make up stories in my head, whether they be sequels to books, alternate endings, or the like. He suggested I try to write a book of my own and I tried it. Only recently after when I put in focused effort to work on and complete this story did I realize just how much I enjoyed it.

How long did it take you to write A Lady By Any Other Name?

That’s a complicated question. I know, it seems like an easy one, but I had a stilted experience writing. I started writing it about four years ago and worked on it on and off for a few months. Then I had our second child and the book got put on the back burner…or maybe back in the pantry – for a while. About eight months ago, long after I started reviewing books, I decided to pick up my own manuscript once again. So in total it took about a year of fitting it in between raising my kids and running a review blog to complete the book.

What was your main inspiration to write A Lady By Any Other Name?

My husband was my biggest supporter in writing period. But for this story itself…I wanted to write something fun and sweet and exciting that I would let my daughters (if I ever have any) read. I wanted to give them an example of a clean romance that was an enjoyable book. I hope someday to have a daughter who can grow up to read it. Until then, I’ll have to be satisfied with other people’s daughters reading it. J

If you could sum Nicole Farrington into five words, what would they be?

Kind. Naïve. Impetuous. Resilient. Sweet.

What is your all-time favourite book and why?

This is a terrible question (especially for someone who is also a book reviewer). I’d have to say The Twelve Days of Christmas by Regina Scott. I love Christmas stories and the balance between the romance and reality is wonderful. I love the give and take of the relationship. Simply sweet!

What were your main challenges in writing your first novel?

I had a hard time not getting discouraged. I often would end up putting it down for days or weeks at a time, losing focus or feeling like it would never be good enough. Thankfully I had a wonderfully supportive husband who was always there to read through the chapters and tell me to keep going. I also struggled to figure out how to write from a male perspective – another thing my husband helped me to figure out.

What is your advice to new authors and aspiring writers?

Keep going. Whatever stage you’re in – outlining, writing, editing, re-editing, finalizing, publishing, etc –don’t give up. If you keep at it, you will get to the end.

What do you do in your spare-time when you’re not writing?

Reading. J As a book reviewer, I spend hours reading new books. But aside from all that…I love experimenting making gourmet jams (I have a cookbook out with some of my favorite recipes), spending time with my kids, and just plain being with my husband. Late nights at home with my hubby are the best – playing monopoly, watching bad movies, eating the sweets we told the kids they couldn’t have, and just keeping the romance alive.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans and readers?

Candy In a Jar Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you check out my book. Let me know what you think – I’m always happy to hear from readers and fans.
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