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Why I decided to start the Highlight Poetry meme:

      For some reason, poetry is something that simply does not come to the forefront of literature in our society. Yes, it is taught in schools (if there is time) and yes there are many poets, poems, fans of poetry and modern books of poetry that are well respected. At the same time, how often have you seen a book of poetry in the New York Times Bestsellers list? Sure maybe you've seen one once or, even twice, but sadly not much more than that.

     I find it immensely saddening that poetry recieves far less acclaim than it should. Many people say they dislike poetry, but do they not also continually listen to songs; which are a musical form of poetry? So,  I've decided that every Tuesday I'm going to post one of my favourite poems and a brief commentary about it.

Who can participate?

      Anyone is welcome to participate in this meme (on any day of the week) whether you are a huge fan of poetry or a sceptic, a poet or blogger, the more the better; we're trying to revive poetry here after all!!!

How do you participate?

     To get the Highlight Poetry button for your blog, email me (click on the envelope in my side bar) and I will send you the html code (I'm still working out the kinks on how to embed the html code below the button). When you email me requesting the html, send the link to your blog as well and I will link to it below (in the participating blogs section).

For Poets:

    If you want your poem to be included in this meme email me (by clicking on the envelope in my side bar) with your contact info, and the poem.

Participating Blogs:

Highlight Poetry Posts by Lace and Lavender Hints:

Have a Great Day!

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