Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Highlight Poetry #3

highlight poetry

I Hold You in My Heart

By: Gin Bourgeois

Courtesy of Gin Bourgeois

I hold you in my heart
For my arms just shan’t
From the very early start
This sickly sweet torment

A quench-less thirst
A hunger I cannot Fill
Loving anguish, turned curse
Is for you what I feel

As I daze in your eyes so green
I am consumed with you
The most beautiful I have seen
And ache the very touch of you

The heart alone has its reasons
To succumb to such forbidden silent devotion
Unbearable loving emotions
A secret unexplained I dare not to mention

You are the treasure I hide to keep
Buried in my chest’s own heartbeats
The one & only so many do seek
The one who would make me complete

A barely audible whisper
Surround my thoughts of lust & sin
A dream state I relish to linger
Shivers overtaking my skin

Desire of lips tenderly touching
Hands passionately holding
A sweet embrace quietly waiting
Patience painfully persisting…

So close yet, away from my reach
I will be waiting for all seasons passing
Shall life be kind to grant me my wish
I vow to give you my heart forever loving

What is meant to be,
Will always find its way
So I hope, beg & pray
Fate to bring you to me one day 

…I hold you in my heart…

A Brief Commentary

        This poem was submitted to me by Gin Bourgeois of Gin Rhymes for today's Highlight Poetry post. First off, being a hopeless romantic I absolutely love the subject of this poem; the torment of unrequited love which the speaker faces and her/his final decision to hold the object of their love in their heart. In this poem Bourgeois places a great focus on the tactile imagery of love, lips touching in a kiss, a 'sweet embrace' and holding hands, which only adds to the beauty of her/his love as we are confronted with her loneliness at the end as she begs for her love to take notice of her longings. I think that this is a poem which can bring each of us back to a time in our lives when we felt as the speaker does; a true mark of this poem's beauty.

      What imagery stood out for you in this poem, was it the tactile imagery of love, the audible imagery of quiet whispers, or something entirely different?


  1. A beautiful Poem by Gin Bourgeois, thank you for posting this in your Highlight.

  2. I always associates poems with books I like..and this one made me think of Wuthering Heights "So close yet, away from my reach. I will be waiting for all seasons passing.Shall life be kind to grant me my wish.I vow to give you my heart forever loving" Makes me think of after Cathy has died in the book!

    1. I definitley see how this book can relate to Wuthering Heights. Poor Heathcliff, Cathy is so close and yet so far away from his reach; his downfall really was all her fault.


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