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Rating: 3/5

Title: Döckálfar

Series: Book Three of Nordic Fairies

Author: Saga Berg

Page Count (ebook): 53

Official Goodreads Description

Döckálfar (Nordic Fairies, #3)     The third part of Nordic Fairies, Döckálfar, continues where the second part, Freja, left off. Alrik comes to visit Svala and warns her about the dangerous path Viggo is on, infiltrating himself with the Döckálfar. We learn what happened to Viggo during World War II and get more information about his relationship with Amanda Jones. Viggo also contacts Svala with some unexpected news and insist they meet up. Svala then receives some more unexpected information about Amanda and Viggo, leaving her unsure about who she can trust.

My Thoughts

    I think perhaps that my opinion and rating of Döckálfar would have been higher had Freja and Döckálfar both been one book. I think that the main problem with Döckálfar was that, if it was torn apart from the series, the reader would be entirely lost. Though all books in a series will inevitably have very close ties between them and they usually make far more sense when read together, they also need to be able to stand on their own because whether they are novella or novel length each book in a series is just that, its own story.

     Though I don't think Döckálfar is capable of being a stand alone novella as it reads more like the next chapter of Freja it was nevertheless, a good read. When you pick up Döckálfar expect a well-written novella that goes much deeper into Viggo's past, even switching to his perspective at times (rather than continuing from Svala's perspective which is more prominent in the first two novellas). Being a huge stickler for character development, something which I never seem to stop talking about, I tuly appreciated how Berg placed a lot of emphasis on Viggo in this novella. Overall, I
think Döckálfar is definitley worth a read, though to fully appreciate it you really have to read the first two novellas in the series first.

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