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Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures. ~Jessamyn West

     In every book is an oasis waiting to be discovered, a truth waiting to be told, and a potion to soothe the soul. To read about what oasis', truths and potions I discovered while lost in the depths of a story, click on the titles of the books which are arranged in alpha order below and just, maybe you'll find an oasis of your own.


Clockwork Angel ~ Cassandra Clare
Faelorehn ~ Jenna E. Johnson
Freja ~ Saga Berg
Nordic Fairies ~ Saga Berg
The Gathering ~ Kelley Armstrong

Classic Literature

Lady Chatterley's Lover ~ D.H. Lawrence                                        

The Old Curiosity Shop ~ Charles Dickens
  1. The Old Curiosity Shop
  2. The Old Curiosity Shop 1/5 of the Way There...
  3. The Old Curiosity Shop 2/5th's There
  4. The End of... The Old Curiosity Shop
This Side of Paradise ~ F. Scott Fitgerald


Chase the Lightening ~ Madeline Baker
Seductive Secrets ~ Colleen Connally

Paradise House ~ Erica James
  1. Paradise House - The Beginning of the Journey
  2. Paradise House - Final Thoughts


Dark and Light: A Small Collection of Poetry ~ K.W. McCabe


Life is a Review ~ Deborah L. Parker


  1. I tend to read very mainstream novels, but I do enjoy reading and discussing books! I am currently reading the 2nd book of the Hunger Games and have just finished the Twilight Series. I am a big fan of chick lit, too. Jen Lancaster is a great chick lit author. Very witty!

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