Friday, June 8, 2012

The Old Curiosity Shop 2/5th's There!

       As you may have noticed, classics take me quite a bit longer to get through, though I am getting there, really I am!

      It honestly astounds me just how much happens over the course of 100 pages in The Old Curiosity Shop. It amazes me just how well Dickens develops his characters and the plot.

~~~Spoilers Warning~~~

The Pilgrimage Begins

      I need to start off by saying thank goodness, Grandfather and Nell are finally out of that horrid house and Daniel Quilp's grasp...for now anyways... But the way Quilp is now plotting with Nell's wretched brother and Mr. Swiveller I'm sorry to say that I have a feeling that Nell has not quite seen the last of them. While we're on the topic of Nell's brother, and Quilp, in the past 100 pages I found out that Quilp's wife had some sort of romantic relationship with Nell's Brother. WHAT!!?? I mean where did that come from I'm not even sure I can fully comprehend that, that poor woman being stuck with Quip was unimaginable enough but Nell's brother as well! Its all just too horrid!

At the School Master's Porch

    Going back to Nell and Grandfather, I have to say I am more than a little concerned for that child. Grandfather is totally dotty! He is completely unable to make any decisions and is always looking to Nell for help and guidance; so much for him trying to protect Nell! He was so entirely useless, getting Nell sucked into that theatre troup of vagabonds and then leaving her with the responsibility of planning an escape. My sympathy is seriosuly running out when it comes to grandfather, I already had issues with his character but now that he's pretty much become Nell's dependant I am fed up with him. Nell should not have to be concerned with any of  this, she's only a child for crying out loud! At lest Nell is smart enough to manage and get them to rest at the schoolhouse; if she wasn't as mentally equipped as she was her situation would simply be to depressing of a travesty.

Grinder's Lot (The theatre troup)

    If anyone else out there has read The Old Curiosity Shop, I would love to know what you're thoughts are about this story. Did anyone else find themselves losing their patience with Grandfather?!


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