Saturday, May 5, 2012

Final Thoughts on Paradise House

     I can't believe that its been a whole week since I've written a post; how quicky time flies! I finished reading Paradise House during my absence from Lace and Lavender and can honestly say that it completeley ensnared me.


    Though I did have doubts once or twice about the plot line, by the time I was 10 or so chapters in I could not put it down! The story is told from the point of view of Genevieve, the elder of three sisters, who is left in the commanding role of her family. I personally loved following Genevieve's story, from the flashbacks to her youth when she fell in love with Chrisitian and fell into a deep depression following their break up, to the fairytale ending when she and Christian meet up once again. Perhaps, I enjoyed Genevieve so much because she was entirely relatable, she felt the pain of losing Christian to that witch of a friend Rachel, and yet despite all he put her through she still felt a shy love deep inside her heart for him. In addition to being a bit of a bookworm, I am a hopeless romantic so I get how Genevieve would let herself still hold on to her feelings for Christian despite her heartbreak. I also get how she could eventually consent to let him back in her life even after he crushed her heart.

   In my opinion people don't let their hearts guide them often enough as Genevieve let her heart govern her. I think that the world would honestly be a better place if people just allowed themselves to think with their hearts as opposed to their heads. Don't get me wrong, I entirely value the usefullness of thinking with one's head, but some decisions ought to be made with your heart; especially when it comes to your romance life!

     To be honest, I didn't realize that the story was set in Britain until midway through the book when America was referred to as a vacation destination; up until that point I though that it was a small American coastal town. Either way it was a beautiful backdrop!

     Overall, I really enjoyed reading Paradise House and falling in love with all of the characters. There is definetly a sense of mystery as I hinted in my first post Reading a Small Piece of Paradise, not mystery in the sense of murder but psychological mystery as you being to unravel Genevieve's past; I would definetly recommend Paradise House, it has all suspense and action of a good read without being overwhelming.

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