Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dark and Light: A Small Collection of Poetry

       Though I do love my classics I am also a hugh fan of poetry, being a part-time poet myself. So, I decided to embark upon the journey of reviewing a poetry collection for the first time.

       Dark and Light is a short collection of poetry (there are 5 poems in the collection) that was published in 2011 by, K. W. McCabe.True to its title, the collection moves from darkness to light
taking you from the depths of despair to the edge of the tunnel where you are just beginning to see the light again. I enjoyed McCabe's writing style and how the despair of the poems at the collection's beginning was interwoven with hope at the end in what was my favourite poem of the collection; Butterfly. To me Butterfly stood out from the rest of the collection as the strongest poem, the imagery of a butterfly in its cocoon solidified the dark theme of the collection and the diction brought to life the sense of hope and light that the title suggests should accompany the darkness. I would have appreciated a few more poems being included in the collection mainly because I believe it would have enhanced the emotionally journey of the collection. Overall I thought Dark and Light was an interesting, if short, collection of poetry.

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