Friday, May 11, 2012

Run Rabbit Run Rabbit Run, Run, Run

Ok, so I was goona start this post all serious about how I'm trying to get in shape and what not and then I remembered this super catchy video that I just have to share! If you haven't heard/seen this video I feel obligated to warn you that you may find youself singing the theme song at random times throughout the day because its just that catchy!!

So you might be wondering what on earth posessed me to upload a video about a rabbit herding sheep on a blog where I've only posted DIY spa moments and opinions about books I'm reading and have read, but seriously I promise you there was a point to this post!

Recently I started to get into an exercise routine and I wanted to post my progress as I go so that I can keep track of me and maybe even offer some support or inspiration to anyone else that is out there reading this, and exercising to be fit.

In my opinion one of the most important things about getting started in an exercise routine is your
reason for doing it. If you have the wrong sort of motivation then you simply won't have the stamina to carry through with your goals. For me, I've decided to get into an exercise routine for two main reasons one, because I feel better for it, and two because god forbid I ever need to run for my life, I would actually be able to do just that, and not collapse two seconds into my sprint. Right now I run twice a week and workout (like strength training) at home twice a week. As of today I've completed both of my runs this week but have yet to do a work out (I'm kind of planning on working out tomorrow).

I think it would be awesome if you guys let me know how your own personal exercise experiences are going by sharing your thoughts on exercise and any tips you wanted to share in the comments below.

Until next time, enjoy the video because its Friday, and you know, every Friday is rabbit pie day so.... run rabbit run rabiit run, run, run!


  1. Hmm... my monthly exercise is noticing that I'm still member of a gym when they subtract their outrageous membership fee from my bank account. This exercise makes me comfortable enough to tell everyone every month or so that next month I'll start doing all the strenuous activities I've been postponing for a year already. Actually I'll start next week, gotta look good for the beach right?

    My advice is to never plan for tomorrow but to just do it today, even if only for ten minutes.

    And regarding running rabbits, there's a very good reason why you shouldn't be running outdoors and a very good reason why you should be able to run when outdoors:

    1. I agree with your suggestion to just do it today, half of my struggle in maintaining any exercise routine is actually just getting enough motivation to lace up my runners, even though I love jogging.

      I hand't considered the danger of running into a teddy bear picnic, I guess I had better keep jogging incase I ever accidnetally stumble upon one and have to make a quick getaway!

  2. OMG, that just had me laughing so hard. What an awesome video!!
    :) Sarah


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