Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heart Nail Art

   One of my favourite ways to treat myself after a stressful day is to grab a bottle of nailpolish, whip up a hand soak and begin an at home manicure session. I do enjoy going to nail salons on occasion but going out too often to get your nails done at a salon can be pricey. And lets be honest, sometimes you'd much rather stay in your pyjamas or a comfy sweater and stay at home!

   The first step in any at home manicure session should be a hand soak. Not only is taking the time to enjoy a hand soak relaxing but, I've found that it actually improves the condition of my nails; especially after removing nail polish. You can purchase premade handsoaks at most stores but if you're in the mode for an entirely DIY manicure why not try the recipe I used for my handsoak?

Recipe for a Simple Homemade Hand Soak

1. 2 tbsps of cream
2. 1 tbsp of honey
3. Your favourite liquid soap (I used softsoap mango infusions)
4. Medium size bowl of hot water

    Mix all of the ingredients together until there are lots of bubbles, place your hands in and relax while the soak refreshes and soothes your hands.

Once your done soaking your hands and filing your nails its nail polish time! If your looking for a design that has a bit of sparkle and love to add some glitter to your nails check out my Heart Nail Art Design below!

Paint your nails a base colour (two coats should do it)
My base colour is, 'Viva Pink' Avon Nailwear Pro

Make two white dots using a dotting tool on the corner of your nails
Make a third dot beneath the two dots
Fill in the space around the dot carefully using a toothpick

Using the dotting too,l make a series of small dots across the tip of the nail

Paint red sparkly polish over the heart and dots to give them extra sparkle
When this has dried, paint a single coat of the red sparkly polish over the entire nail
The red sparkly coat I used was, 'Gettin' Miss Piggy With It' OPI

Use a Q-Tip dipped in nailpolish remover to clean up any nailpolish around your nail and Voila!
You have Heart Nail Art that will have all your friends believing you went to the nail salon!

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