Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Highlight Poetry #4

highlight poetry

A Soul

By: David Mc Donald

A soul awaits a journey to be made, unaware of why or where it goes
Confused alone and even frightened, the soul forgotten all it knows
As if reborn from something old, the fruits of some great unknown feat
A spirit which hovers unaware of its place, oblivious to who it will meet

An invisible entity of a person’s life, all that went before they grew
Then when still on unfounded feet, a sense of movement where it flew
The feeling of accompaniment, someone is now by their side
A being who allows peace and love, one who shows them their own pride

Not flight but a soft elevation, climbing effortlessly to where they go
Beside the spirit climbs with freedom, a dawning as they come to know
The existence just departed behind, feelings of regret and pain and desire
All that made a man has gone, now a feeling a sense a being on fire

There awaits a new existence, visible tangible and real laid out ahead
The home of superior being born, your God you know has made your bed
The rush of love and affection from around, a feeling of where you belong
Within a beautiful resonance vibrates, your being has burst forth with song

A Brief Commentary

       Today's poem for Highlight Poetry was submitted to me by David Mc Donald. The first time I read this poem I was immediatley drawn to it and lost myself in the journey the soul was making. In my first reading of this poem, I percieved that the poem was on a carefree sort of journey as it departed the misery behind it. Upon reading the poem a second time however, I realized that there was indeed a deeper and more sombre tone to the poem as the soul overcame the pain of death and the regrets of life to travel ever skyward to heaven. I also noticed upon re-reading the poem the progression of the soul as a being. Where as in the beginning the soul was an "invisible entity" and referred to as something separate than its human shell (due to its journey from the body at death) by the end of the poem, the soul is referred to as the most spiritual (not necessarily in the religious sense) of "you". I think that perhaps this progression from the soul being a separate entity identified seperatley from the deceased person to it actually becoming "you" was the most poignant part of the poem, as it discovered itself.

What struck you about this poem? Were you more struck by the soul's 'physical' journey out of death or it journey of self-awareness?


  1. There is a sadness here as a journey begins but also a joy of continuance which intimates greater things.
    It is almost the birth and growth of the new entity which brings a joyous serenity. I loved this

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I loved it as well, I'm going to be posting a review of McDonald's poetry collection Sun, Aug 19. If you like his style you chould check it out :)



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