Friday, August 3, 2012

Day and Starry Night Nails

        Seeing as I haven't posted a nail design in a ridiculously long time I figured it was about time I set about doing a blog-worthy manicure. This design was actually inspired by star confettti that I had gotten in one of my birthday cards and of course managed to get everywhere. Like glitter, confetti just never seemes to go away, everytime I think I've found all of the bits and gotten them tidied into a container I discover another sneakily heading under a book on my desk. That being said let's get this nail design started!

Nail Polishes I Used

  • Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base and Top Coat
  • Avon Lagoon
  • Sally Hansen Lustrous (the black polish)
  • Star confetti (can be found at local craft stores)

Let's Get Started!


Step 1: Paint all of your nails a light blue base coat, something that resembles a clear blue sky.

Step 2: Paint half of your nails black diagonally by painting the black polish from one corner of your nail to the opposite corner.

Step 3: While the black nail polish is still wet place one of the confetti stars in the black portion of your nails using tweezers. Press gently on the confetti star so that it is relatively stuck in the black polish.

Step Four: Using a gold striping tool, or a thin paint brush dipped in gold nail polish make small dots around the star in the black portion of the nail to create the idea of smaller stars twinkling galaxies away. When your nail polish is dry paint a top coat over your design to ensure that it last as long as possible.

If you decide to try out this design, I'd love to know how it goes!


  1. Those are cute! Have you ever seen this?
    They always have neat designs!
    Off topic but I tagged you in a meme..

    1. Thanks for tagging me there :) I haven't heard of it before but I checked it out and its pretty cool!


    2. Hi Sarah

      I'm in love with your Day & Starry Night Nails.
      Oh Hi, I'm your new follower from Bloglovin' - DIY Group.
      Check out my blog & looking forward to be your blog buddy.



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